Music Videos

Oven Fresh Media produces music videos for independent artists and directors. Many have been featured on tastemaker music blogs and websites. 

Luscious Jackson’s “#1 Bum” 

Director: David Franklin

Producer (September/October 2013)

Note: premiered on Stereogum 

Rachael Sage’s “Invisible Light”

Director: Alyson Greenfield

Production Assistant (July 2012)

Lemonade's "Softkiss"

Directed by David Franklin 

Production Assistant (May 2012)

Note: Featured on StereogumConsequence of Sound, The Guardian, IHEARTCOMIX, and more

Alyson Greenfield’s “Uncharted Places”

Director: David Franklin

Co-producer (March 2012)

Note: premiered on Artist Direct

Charlene Kaye’s “Mad Tom of Bedlam”

Director: Saela Davis

Executive Producer (August 2010)

Note: featured on The Atlantic, NBC New York, BestNewBands.comAwaiting the Flood, GhettoBlaster magazine, and more